Somerton Airport

Somerton, Arizona (54AZ)
Airport Manager
Eric Saltzer

Unicom: 123.00

(Phone) 928-580-5618
(Fax) 928-722-5724

Physical Address

3900 W US Hwy 95
Somerton, AZ, 85350

Unicom: 123.00

Airspace Restrictions

Please do not bust Yuma class "D" airspace!

On Sunday 12-18-05, an aircraft departed Somerton Airport (54AZ) at appx 1630 and departed north through Yuma class "D" airspace without contacting Yuma tower on 119.30.

Remember to stay below 300' AGL/477' indicated while in 54AZ airspace.

Somerton Ave to the west and the area directly south of Somerton Airport are both clear of class "D" airspace. When departing to the north, stay south of County 15th.

Remember to announce intentions on 123.00 when in 54AZ airspace.

See or contact Eric Saltzer for an overview of the 54AZ airspace rules.