Somerton Airport

Somerton, Arizona (54AZ)
Airport Manager
Eric Saltzer

Unicom: 123.00

(Phone) 928-580-5618
(Fax) 928-722-5724

Physical Address

3900 W US Hwy 95
Somerton, AZ, 85350

Unicom: 123.00

Airport History


A history of the airport from World War II to 1996
by Jim Gillaspie

Newspaper Articles

"On the same plane: Board fosters partnership with Somerton Airport"
September 07, 2013 article by Joyce Lobeck for the Yuma Sun.

"Somerton airport has multifaceted impact on local economy"
May 10, 2009 article by Stephanie A. Wilken for the Yuma Sun.

"Retiring MCAS Yuma engineering director honored as civilian Marine"
April 8, 2006 article by Joyce Lobeck for the Yuma Sun.

"Just like Kitty Hawk, Yuma has its own place in aviation history"
December 17, 2003 article by Pam M. Smith for the Yuma Sun.

Most Jumps 2006
In 1997 and 1999 Somerton Airport held the Guinness World Record for the site of the most jumps in a 24-hour period.