Somerton Airport

Somerton, Arizona (54AZ)
Airport Manager
Eric Saltzer

Unicom: 123.00

(Phone) 928-580-5618
(Fax) 928-722-5724

Physical Address

3900 W US Hwy 95
Somerton, AZ, 85350

Unicom: 123.00

Airport Diagram


                      1. All runways are left hand traffic pattern.

                      2. The main runway (17/35) is PCL lit from dusk to dawn. To activate PCL
                          click 3 times on 123.0 and wait 5 seconds.

                      3. Review the airspace restrictions of Yuma International, seven miles
                          to the northeast with military, commercial, and general aviation traffic.

                      4. This information is accurate as of November 25, 2015.
                          For updated information and permission to land,
                          call Eric Saltzer at (928) 580-5618